wear something comfy!

Our goal is for you to feel comfortable and confident! If you don’t feel comfortable, it’s harder to look comfortable on camera! Pick your favorite outfits, we recommend sticking to neutrals and looking cohesive but not too matchy‑matchy! If you love dressing up, wear your favorite dress... if you feel most like you in jeans and a cute top, wear that! At the end of the day, wear what you feel good in and what highlights and showcases your personalities!

make it a date!

Turn your engagement session in to a whole day date! Start your day off with brunch, coffee at your favourite coffee shop together, or after your photos go out for a nice meal! You’re gonna be dressed up and looking good, why not make the most of the day?!

You get to set the scene! We have ideas and we’re more than happy to suggest some of our favourite locations to shoot, but think outside the box when it comes to location. Pick somewhere that means something to you both. Cozy in home session? Do you love cooking together? Love camping and being outdoors? Downtown in a big city? The options are endless! Where did you go for your first date? Where was your first kiss? Just choose somewhere where you’ll feel yourselves and comfortable laughing and kissing and enjoying the space around you.

location location location

lighting is key

Hands down, our favourite time of day to shoot is “golden hour”, the magical time of day just before the sun starts to set. Depending on the time of year this obviously changes, but we’re more than happy to give direction and help figure this one out. Morning light is also just as lovely! Really, we can be so flexible when it comes to location, but depending on where you want to have your photos taken, taking in to consideration the lighting is super important.

engagement session stress free

how to make your

- jessica + austin

don't stress posing

Trust us on this one, WE’VE GOT YOU! We’re so aware that most people haven’t spent a lot of time in front of the camera together getting their photos taken! We know that you might feel a bit anxious or nervous about getting your photos taken, or worried that you look awkward on camera! Let us do our thing, and we promise we’ll capture you beautifully! Our approach to taking your photos is less posing, and more prompting to get you simply interacting and laughing with each other! Pretend the camera doesn’t exist, focus on each other and don’t look at us unless we tell you to!

come with no expectations

This might sound a bit weird, but come to your engagement session with us just as you are! Know that we want to get to know you both, be your friends, make you feel confident and capture this season of your life for what it is. Our goal is for you to look at your photos once they are delivered and relive all the emotions and exactly how you felt in the moment. Your love and your story deserves to be told and documented and you deserve to be able to remember how it felt!

don't be afraid to ask

No idea is too big or suggestion too crazy! Have a crazy idea you want to try? Let us know!!!! We want to get the photos you want, and don’t want you to ever walk away thing “I wish we had asked that!” We’re here to help way beyond just taking your engagement photos, so don’t ever hesitate to reach out during any part of the wedding planning process!

Let us be a part of your story.