Hiya! We’re Austin and Jessica; a husband and wife, best friend, videography and photography duo! Austin is from Iowa, Jessica is from England and we fell in love over FaceTime and iMessage whilst living 4,711 miles apart!⁠ Jessica was living in Townsville, Australia and Austin was in Kona, Hawaii. We absolutely love to travel, and pretty much all our vacations revolve around finding the best places to eat and the best coffee to drink! ⁠

We've been married for 4 years and have made Ottumwa, IA home, with our little maltipoo pup, Ziggy.

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• True Crime Documentaries
• Puppies
• Thai Food
• La Croix
• Culvers
• Target
• Girls Night
• Vanilla Oat Milk Lattes
• Donuts


Hiya! I’m Jessica, and I’m so glad our paths have crossed! I’m actually from England, but call the Midwest home these days. I learned to love traveling the world from a very young age, and have called five different countries home. For the fellow enneagram enthusiasts out there, I’m a 2 and Austin is a 7 and I truly believe we’re a perfect combo! If your big day is all about having fun with your favorite people who are all in the same place at the same time, and you don’t care about all the formalities and ugly chair covers, please get in touch! We’d be honored to capture your love and document it forever!

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Hey guys, honestly I want to get to know you. This isn't all about me and it never should be, so let's connect! While I have your attention I'll give you a tiny snippet of my life.

I grew up in Oskaloosa Iowa and have always loved the small town vibe. However I caught the travel bug in college and dropped out to head to Australia, from there I moved to Hawaii, and at one time started settling down in England. I like to say God had other plans, because now we are back in Iowa trying to make a big difference in a small town.

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