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We've spoken with many couples, both married and not yet married, and often wedding videography comes up in conversation. Married couples who had a videographer say that it was the best money they spent on their wedding, and those who didn't often say that it was their biggest regret. To engaged couples, we ask the question ‑ "At the end of the day, what would you regret more?! Getting a videographer, or not getting one?" We encourage couples to do some research, look around at what people offer, ask their friends who they recommend and find a videographer who's style resonates with yours! We want you to be a couple who says it's the best decision they invested in for their wedding ‑ because that's what it is, an investment, but one that we promise is absolutely worth it!

it really comes down to editting

I'm sorry, but recording your ceremony on your iPhone just won't do. Don't rely on or take a chance on a family member to get some clips, they want to be there celebrating with you! You're not asking them to take your photos, so don't ask them to take some video either! We've all got videos that we've recorded ourselves on our phones, but a few 30 second clips here and there is not going to re‑tell the entire story of your whole day. Having the right camera is only part of it, it's the skill and shooting style, the music and the hours of unseen editing that bring the whole video together.

FACT: You'll blink and your wedding day will be coming to an end! Honestly, it's the fastest day of your life! And because of that, as hard as you can try not to, you'll forget moments and details. Hiring a wedding videographer allows you to re‑live all the moments over and over! Our cameras are rolling even when you don't realise it, capturing laughter, the details, your guests, your family and your love. Being able to sit down together and re‑watch the best day of your lives whenever you want is truly one of the best gifts you could give yourself.

keep the moments alive forever

At the end of the day, we know that we are not the right fit for everyone, and we want couples to book photographers and videographers for two reasons - 1. Because you love their work and 2. Because you like them as people! We want you to FEEL something when you look at our work and we want to make you FEEL known and valued and deserving of beautiful photos and videos so you can relive the best day of your life over and over and over again! 

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