Communication is key

The reality is, photographers naturally are way more involved in the planning stages of the wedding. They help more with creating the timeline, and help create the flow of your wedding day and have more direct regular contact with the couple. After being in business together for years now, communication is pretty seamless between Austin and I - and I have learnt to communicate with Austin exactly what he needs to know, and nothing that he doesn't! By hiring us as your photographer and videography team, that means there is one less vendor that you need to be in communication with! We've shot so many weddings together now that we know each others work flow, and how to stay out of each others shots! We absolutely understand the importance of both photo and video, and are committed to ensuring that you get the best of both! 

We know how to dance

When you live together, work together, spend pretty much every waking moment together, you get to know each other pretty well! We successfully dance around you and each other when it comes to shooting on the day! We've shot so many weddings together now that we're pretty good at knowing what the other needs and how to help each other out without even asking! We shoot simultaneously, and that means you don't have to keep doing the same thing over and over for different people, we will get you to do the same poses in ways that help make your photos stunning, and your video full of movement and emotion! 

We're not lying when we say that you'll spend more time with us on your wedding day than you will with most of your guests, and sometimes some of your bridal party! Austin and I shoot weddings together all the time, we're a package deal, which means we both know how the other operates and where they like to be to capture significant moments! We both care that the other is getting what they need and help set each other up to get the best shots! Our goal is that we feel like your friends, and make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, because the more relaxed you are, the more natural you'll be! 

Lets call it a double date

We are all about a healthy marriage

We aren't marriage gurus or experts by any means, but we truly think that marriage is the best thing in the world, and what the promises that you're making to each other are more important than all the other details that can sometimes feel like a big deal when planning for your big day! We've planned a wedding ourselves, we totally understand working with a budget, we know what its like to be on the hunt for vendors and all the things that come with planning a wedding! Use us a resource as you're making decisions - we want to be as helpful as possible! Ultimately, we do what we do because we believe everyone deserves to be able to feel how they felt on their wedding day, and relive all the big moments, small moments and everything in between! We are here for you, we believe in you, and we can't wait to watch your marriage flourish!

At the end of the day, we know that we are not the right fit for everyone, and we want couples to book photographers and videographers for two reasons - 1. Because you love their work and 2. Because you like them as people! We want you to FEEL something when you look at our work and we want to make you FEEL known and valued and deserving of beautiful photos and videos so you can relive the best day of your life over and over and over again! 

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Let us be a part of your story.